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Tapping into Abundance with ADHD

Originally Posted September 11th, 2022 on previous website

As a kid, my family had some really awesome traditions. One of those was the very specific way we chose to do presents on Christmas day with the extended family.

We would either be at our house or one of my dad’s sibling’s homes.

When it was time for presents, everyone would sit in the living room in a circle and the presents would get passed out.

So each person would have a pile of presents in front of them.

Then, we would open them from youngest to oldest. Until I was 15 years old, the order started with my cousin, my sister, than me, all the way up to my grandpa.

The summer after I turned 15, my dad got remarried. And his new spouse has two boys who are younger than my cousin, my sister and I.

During this particular Christmas, my step-brother got to go first. He was about 10-years-old.

As he was opening up his presents, he found the card and began to open it.

Now, the rest of us already knew what was in the card. Every year since I was super small, my grandparents would give each of us a card. We would open it, smile, thank Grandma and Grandpa and move on.

But this was my step-brother’s first Christmas in the family so he had no clue what was in the card.

As he opened it, his whole face lit up and with as much joy and exuberance as you can imagine he exclaimed:


The whole room busted up in laughter. It’s one of those stories that will never be forgotten and most likely referred to every Christmas.

I share this story because it’s really important.

Capturing that moment in time revealed so much for me this last week.

My step-brother’s reaction of pure bliss around receiving is so beautiful.

When was the last time you were THAT excited about $100 or even $20?

That may seem like a small amount or even a large amount depending on where you are in your journey of money. But that’s the thing right, it’s ALL relative.

When I think about the important moments in my journey of receiving, allowing money into my life, I think about my first ever paycheck, my first client, the first $20 I got after being broke AF, etc.

What’s the same in all of these moments is the vibration of joy, bliss, exuberance, excitement, and expansion.

AND what’s true? We are able to tap into that vibration at ANY time. It’s ALWAYS available to us.

I know it seems hard because we are so programed to think about scarcity, be in a state of worry around money, and consistently dread paying bills and even fretting over whether or not we will even be able to pay those bills.

You may have heard me say this before and I will continue to say it:

"What we focus on grows."

If we continue to focus on debt, lack, worry, and scarcity, that will continue to show up and grow in our world.

If we focus on abundance, joy, overflow, and expansion that will continue to show up and grow in our world.

When you read the story about my step-brother, what happened in your body?

For me, when I think about that story, my chest expands, a smile appears on my face, I feel lighter, I can feel the energy of abundance flow through my veins and I feel really, really excited and joyful.

So here are some ways you can continue to practice and grow your mindset around abundance:

1. Read Rich as F*ck by Amanda Frances

This book changed my life around money!

Here is the summary from Amazon:


For too long, the subject of money has been shrouded in fear, secrecy, and anxiety. It’s time to look behind the curtain at money, while stepping into the empowered financial reality that is available to you. Reading Rich As F*ck is sure to ignite an avalanche of change in the most important areas of your life. Once you finally see money for what it is and realize your power over your finances, life will never be the same. It’s time you know the truth about money. It’s time for you to have more money than you know what to do with. This is your blueprint.

Whether you experience debilitating anxiety when thinking about your bills, are buried by debt, feel guilty for wanting more than you have, are stuck in a feast-or-famine cycle, if money has always been the problem for you and never a solution, or if you are simply seeking the next steps on your path of financial growth, this revolutionary book holds your answers. In Rich As F*ck, Amanda Frances demystifies the topic of money, cracking the code of financial liberation and abundance. Her magnetic words will open your heart and mind and help you see the truth about how money actually works.”

For you beautiful ADHDers, make sure you read it in the way that is best FOR your brain. Maybe you get to listen to it on audible.

And I HIGHLY recommend working through the journal questions.

She even has a companion journal to go with the book to answer those amazing questions.

2. Get into the vibration of Abundance before you pay for things

As I mentioned before, we are capable of accessing that “A HUNDRED BUCKS?!” feeling at any time.

The best time to do that is right before you slide your card, give someone cash, or press that buy button on the screen.

What that indicates to the universe is that you are so grateful to have the money to use to spend on this thing and that you welcome more to come through.

It also creates this beautiful relationship with the thing you’re buying to be in that state of abundance.

When you are in scarcity when you buy things, you may experience buyer’s remorse, guilt and/or even resentment later.

Especially when it comes to bills. When you pay for your rent, be in such gratitude that you have a place to live and are able to pay for it and are so excited to pay for your place of residence that you want to jump for joy and celebrate as you send that money to your landlord.

And then notice how you feel after sending the money.

When I choose to practice this, I continue to stay in a state of abundance instead of lack and then more often than not, more money comes in.

3. The ADHD tax doesn’t have to rule your life sites what the ADHD tax is:

“it's the price you pay for costly mistakes due to symptoms of ADHD

I will not diminish the reality of this. I know many ADHDers who have had to pay exorbitant amounts of money because their unmanaged ADHD symptoms triggered some costly mistakes.

AND it doesn’t have to continue to be that way.

If you imagine a flowing river very near where you live, you know that you can access this river whenever you want to. You can go swimming in it, you can play in it, you can bathe in it, you can drink from it. It’s always there. It’s clean, it’s pure, it’s there just for you.

Abundance / money is the same. The river is always flowing. And you always have access to it. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Truth be told, scarcity is an illusion. Lack is an illusion. Your spirit cannot be separate from abundance. The human experience allows you to see it as separate.

So instead of viewing it as an ADHD Tax, imagine that you always have more and more money coming in, in greater amounts.

So, if you happen to make some mistakes, it doesn’t matter, because you are abundant as fuck!

And so it is.

Bonus: Money Affirmation Playlist

Here’s a playlist of awesome money affirmations that I really enjoy listening to.

DSCF6297 jpg

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