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Tools & Tips

Tools & Tips

What is ADHD? - This is a great video to share with your partner of loved one to help explain what ADHD actually is

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ADHD is Your Superpower - get to know Jess and hear about her perspectives on ADHD - The Mindful Money Makers Podcast with Talmadge Spicer

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Fear melters - Learning to move through fear is a powerful tool in emotional regulation - with the amazing Katie Hendricks


FFTs - aka Fucking First Times - Brene Brown talks about why first times can be so difficult and why all of our shit comes up before they happen.

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ADHD & Burnout with Trina

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Crystals for ADHD - Jess & Jeni dive deep into the ADHD brain to find ways to help manage time, coping with overwhelm, and learning time management, as well as how crystals can help support you. www.EssentialChiJewelry.com

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What is holding space? - A conversation about what holding space is, what's it's not. how it is different than listening and how to practice it. With the amazing Jessica Amos

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ADHD & Pregnancy - Kamden (@kamden_adhd) shares her experience with being pregnant while also having ADHD

Neurotypical and Supporting ADHD - How Can Neurotypicals Support Those with ADHD? with Yakini on her podcast "ADHD Love Parent Talk"

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The ADHD Diagnosis Process - Liliya (@itssliliyaa) and I dive into the ins and outs of the diagnosis process with tips and tricks on how to make that process easier and why it can be difficult to get medication. Lilya mentioned this book as an excellent resource "Taking Charge of Adult ADHD" by Russell A. Barkley, PhD

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ADHD & Money - Let's normalize talking about money!!! Tina (@theadhdaccountant) and I discuss why ADHDers struggle with money and tips and tricks around impulsive buying, how to keep to a budget and money in business.

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ADHD & Menopause - D'Vita (@yestantra) and Jess talk about ADHD, Menopause, pleasure, and more!

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Tina and Jess chat about self- talk, self love and self trust as an ADHDer 💜 something we definitely need more of from ourselves.

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ADHD & Creating Content - Maggie and Jess chat about the balance between having structure and welcoming intuitive content ideas.



10 Minute Mindset Shift Meditation for Women with ADHD


Fuck It Meditation

The Yes Breath

Created by the Hendricks Institute, this recording will teach you how to use the Yes Breath.

7 Minute Confidence Booster for Women to Level Up Your Relationships

Featured with Jess

Featured with Jess


Jess was featured on The Vibe with Ky Podcast. On this episode she talks about her book, I Don't Hate My Ex-Husband.

In this episode, of 1000 days Sober with Lee Davy, Jess DuBose talks about her journey dealing with grief and how she managed to connect with others once she had felt connected with herself. She shares parts of her book to give examples of relationship failures. She also discusses what it’s like to hold space for others and how to practice being still.

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In this episode, of Turning Readers Into Writers with Emma Dhesi, Jess discusses the journey of writing her book, how she started out, having imposter syndrome, and finally publishing it.