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Your Journey

1.) APPROVAL/ SAFETY/ CONTROL- Unveil some of your deeper governing patterns, set the goals for our relationship, and begin to reprogram yourself to become your own center of control (freeing yourself from outside approval).

2.) MOVE TOWARDS GOALS/ CLEAR BLOCKS- After identifying your goals, we will address root limiting beliefs or patterns holding you back from achieving them so that action will begin to feel easier and easier.

3.) CREATE PERSONALIZED TOOLS, SYSTEMS, AND ROUTINES- Build your armory of tools and systems to better manage your tasks, commitments, and calendar to ease your stress around getting shit done.

4.) REFINE & IMPLEMENT- Receive deep personalized support to work through issues as they come up and to continue to refine the inner and outer work of creating the success you desire. 

Your Destination

What I’m helping you create:

Personalized support to create a holistic set of practices to…

Get the support and the frameworks to do the inner and outer work required to create the success you envision.

Deep Personalized Support to Create Your Success...


Prices vary because containers are created specifically for you. Because we value transparency, we want to give you a guideline on how some pricing structures have worked in the past:

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All Parts of You are Welcome Here!

About Jess

In 2008, I walked into class like it was any normal day. This was an education class I needed for my music ed degree. I sat down in my regular spot ready to take notes on that day's lecture.Strange things started to occur. Someone was vacuuming in the hallway. I chalked that up to it being an evening class.The lights kept flickering on and off.
People seemed to be moving around more than normal, getting up to throw away trash and sneezing loudly.
Someone even had an Aflak duck and kept making it go off, "AFLAK!"
The professor seemed to be going through the slides rapidly. I could barely keep up.
I was vigorously writing, trying to keep up.
"Did the professor just get faster?!" I thought.
I threw my pen on the table, crossed my arms, and sat back in my chair.
"What is going on?" I thought.
After a few more moments, the professor stopped. He looked at us and said, (People with ADHD) "It's not that they can't pay attention, it's that they pay attention to EVERYTHING."
My mind was blown. Everything I had ever been taught was that people with ADHD couldn't sit still and couldn't pay attention. This more nuanced understanding started me down a path of intrigue and curiosity.
Every person I encountered that had ADHD thereafter, I would ask a bazillion questions. I was so fascinated with how our brains could work so differently.
I even started coming up with a theory (back in like 2010) that people with ADHD came across as picky eaters because it was one sensory thing they could have more control over. Constantly having a barrage of sensory items overloading the system, they could at least control what was going in their mouths.
I seemed to start attracting ADHDers into my space. I became friends with them, lived with them, and even married one for a time. (He and I are still friends and you can even read about it if you want in my book, I Don't Hate My Ex-Husband).
Fast forward to 2020. I had just moved to Oregon from Ohio and was living with two roommates who have ADHD. One of them kept asking me when I was going to be doing my workshop on ADHD.
I didn't understand why she was so insistent on it at first. I DON'T have ADHD.
But then I started to realize how much I was teaching her about her OWN ADHD and even teaching a few of my other friends about theirs.
In 2021, I hosted my first Unapologetically ADHD workshop and it was a success!Ever since then, I dove head first into working with ADHDers.

Did you know? Jess...

Hear how other ADHDers have been impacted by 1:1 Coaching


"I HIGHLY recommend working with Jess. Coaching really is an INVESTMENT in yourself and Jess really is an incredible guide. If you are willing to show up and do the work, you will absolutely reap the rewards from coaching and Jess will definitely light a fire in you to do that." 


"I learned how to structure my life in a way that works for my ADHD brain instead of trying to fit into societal molds. I was able to release the shame of having a 'disorder' and start to own that this is how my brain works. The way Jess allowed me to be fully myself and accept that self, bled into me. I believe it. There's NOTHING wrong with me. My ADHD is a superpower! "  


"Working with Jess is one of the best things! One of her sayings is 'All of you is welcome here' and I 100% felt that every time. She is such a loving and giving and amazingly non-judgmental human being. It is an ABSOLUTE blessing to have worked with her and be part of a group where I got to know that I am NOT ALONE!" 

You get to OWN & LOVE your ADHD so you can live FREELY & ABUNDANTLY!

Jess DuBose is not a licensed psychologist or specialist healthcare professional. Her services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals.